The mission of Global Renewed Electricity Egypt (GREE) is to establish a strong presence in Egypt and to demonstrate a sound and reliable organisation that can revolutionise the generation of electrical power, and the use of renewable energy processes. It plans to lead this field in Egypt providing employment, much needed energy supply a solution to the problems of MSW, and other waste streams, and a sound enhancement to the economy and social structure of the country.

GREE continues to improve access to leading edge thinking for future sustainable energy strategies and has assembled a consultant team drawing upon the knowledge of internationally recognised experts to lead the establishment of viable delivery models.   GREE has signed an Implementation Agreement with the Governorate of El-Minya with Full Environmental acceptance and a Licence to Produce a 300MW Power Station and take 1000 tonnes per day of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and convert it to Energy and usable bi-products. GREE through its El-Minya SPV, and the successful launch of this combined power and waste plant, plans to build on its relationships and business know how, by building a further minimum of 4 Power Plants in Egypt, and plans to build a “waste to renewable energy” plant, a plan to take otherwise valueless biomass waste, and convert it to high value products.

GREE with its Partners is in the process of developing up to a 3GW Solar Farm in El-Minya with the Governorate on 12,500 acres of land set aside for the venture.

GREE provides a unique combination of in depth local understanding of political, business and economic and social elements in Egypt. This is further strengthened with established and strong political, business and military connections throughout the country. This is coupled with some of the best industry experts outside Egypt, and world class leading technology partners.

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