ELEJECT has earned the trust of its clients, and it pledges its determination on exerting all efforts to present its distinguished services in the field of Electricity and Energy Transmission systems using the Up-to-Date scientific and technological means in Egypt.

Website: www.eleject.com

Land & Marine is a wholly owned subsidiary of J Murphy & Sons Limited, a key support services company operating in the utilities, marine, civil engineering and energy sectors across the UK and internationally.

Land & Marine has a wide business portfolio that includes engineering and consultancy, storage tanks, aviation fuel mains and hydrants, specialist welding, fabrication and trenchless technology as well as our traditional marine business.

We are an innovative company and our flexible approach to working with our clients enables us to provide optimum solutions. The company is large enough to undertake substantial projects whilst retaining an intimate client contractor relationship. We develop techniques and equipment to suit the task in hand and with a long and impressive history of successful projects behind us, we are always looking to build on this experience.

Our multi-disciplined staff can provide you with an extensive range of engineering and construction capabilities for marine pipelines, storage tanks, specialist marine operations trenchless technology, and in civil engineering for refurbishment of aqueducts and large diameter trunk mains.

Website: www.landandmarine.com

Genesyst UK Ltd is a Private Limited UK registered company.  Whilst being fully independent It benefits from sharing its name and a Director with Genesyst International Inc, the US company that invented the processes used, and which has licenced Genesyst UK to build and operate waste to biofuels plants throughout the UK and Ireland.

Genesyst UK’s five-year business plan focuses on the establishment of a sustainable waste-to-biofuels development and production company in the UK with sufficient operational and technical capability with low costs to remain at the forefront of Biofuels production and development in the UK and other territories.

The initial focus will be on the Bioethanol sector as this offers significant opportunities in the UK market. The management will continue to monitor and assess opportunities in the UK and other territories, whilst also considering changes to market demands for specific Biofuels and the adaptability of the Genesyst process in meeting those changing demands.

In developing our 2nd generation Biofuel refinery facilities, Genesyst UK will significantly assist the UK in meeting its obligations in respect of diverting waste from landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) and increasing UK production of Biofuels from sustainable feedstocks. The Genesyst GPV process will be able to do this at a lower development and operational cost and whilst being significantly more efficient than any other currently available process.

Website: www.genesystuk.com


THERMOSELECT produces from waste of all kinds, including; synthesis gas for flexible utilisation and mineral and metallic raw materials.

THERMOSELECT emissions values are drastically below the limiting values, they completely destroy dioxins and furans, facilities are compact, modular and economic and thus meet the standards and satisfy the claims of sustainable waste disposal, including complete feedback of products in the raw materials cycle, prevention of toxic residues requiring dumping and protection of the landscape and natural resources.

Website: www.sinerga.ch

Green Energy UK Direct is one of the UK’s largest solar developers working alongside some of the world’s biggest panel manufacturers and investment companies. The company prides itself on its personal approach with each of our clients and our comprehensive approach to public consultation.

Our office is located near Manchester, with our secondary office located in London. The nature of solar PV means the majority of our projects are located in the South of the country.

Green Energy UK Direct have company representatives across the South of the UK and this is something which is rapidly increasing. Building a substantial workforce, all working alongside each other; with a shared vision for the future.

Website: www.geukdirect.com

ib vogt's activities cover project development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as ownership and asset management of its portfolio.

As a manufacturer-independant intergrated developer the company focuses on tailor made solar power plant solutions that maximise lifecycle performance.

ib vogt employs over 80 experts in all areas of the PV power plant value chain. The company operates from offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, India and South East Asia.

Website: www.vogt-solar.com

Megawatt Power Holdings (MWPH) are the Prime Solution Provider of highly efficient power generation platforms combining OEM relations with leading engine providers and in-house production and manufacturing facilities of stationary transportable and mobile Power Stations.

With an aggregated track record of over 15 years in servicing industries like public utilities, oil & gas, mining and manufacturing, MWPH can provide the power solution to best fit individual needs. Complete line of modular stationary, temporary, and mobile power units can be installed in the most challenging environments imaginable. Whether you need to purchase or lease power generation platforms, or need to buy base load, MWPH can give advice every step of the way as a trusted partner in utility-grade power generation.

Website: www.1simpletest.com

JLT Specialty is a member of the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group of companies, an international group of Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants listed on the FTSE 250 index of the London Stock Exchange. JLT Specialty has more than 860 highly skilled and motivated employees and an annual revenue of more than £200m. By steadily growing our business we’ve been able to develop strength in depth across our specialties and maintain the flexibility, entrepreneurialism and decision making that you would normally expect of a much smaller business.

Our dedicated Renewable Energy Practice experts, including claims personnel, work seamlessly together in our City of London headquarters. We possesses over 150 years experience of complex energy related projects, both onshore and offshore - this includes extensive Bioenergy experience.

We are also experienced with working with our extensive JLT International Network to ensure we can offer you the best possible service in those territories you operate in.

Website: www.jltgroup.com